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[Trioffer] Degen DE 1126/DE1126 AM FM SW Mp3 Radio 4GB
[Trioffer] Degen DE 1126/DE1126 AM FM SW Mp3 Radio 4GB
Price: $109.22  $71.48
Model: Y20110215001
Availability: Out of Stock
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Customer Review of [Trioffer] Degen DE 1126/DE1126 AM FM SW Mp3 Radio 4GB
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Chad Ernst say: - 10/10/2012 recommend rating
Haran Chumacero say: - 09/20/2011 recommend rating
Nice item, Thanks a lot!
Mark L. Francis say: - 07/02/2011 recommend rating
Excellent, will buy from you again.
Hendryanto Sudomo say: - 06/18/2011 recommend rating
Smooth transaction!
Roy Fowler say: - 05/25/2011 recommend rating
I purchased this product from Trioffer, free shipping from Hong Kong. I love the unit. SW isnt what it used to be but we all know that. LW, FM and Mp3 work wonderfully and the battery life is excellent. I like that the mp3 picks up from where you left off, not from the beginning of recordings. Excellent product, reasonably priced!
Giorgio Cibien say: - 05/05/2011 recommend rating
Attention radio is sold without its lithium battery
Eilert Rostrup say: - 05/04/2011 recommend rating
good product. Quick ship. Thanks.
Del Halsall say: - 05/04/2011 recommend rating
great looking
Fabio Silva say: - 05/02/2011 recommend rating
Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.
Ray Stetter say: - 04/26/2011 recommend rating
The radio is great but the customer service is not. The radio did not come with an English manual and requests to have one sent to me have been ignored. I get a negative attitude toward someone that does not even reply with some answer.
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