Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (E-Pipe)

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Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (E-Pipe)




Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (E-Pipe)

Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (E-Pipe) makes a great gift for yourself, others, or the man that has everything.

This is the perfect product to buy yourself if your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or grand-daughter is always complaining that your pipe smoking is stinking up the house. This is also the perfect product to buy for your boyfriend, husband, father, or grandfather who is always stinking up the house with his pipe smoking. Besides it's a healthy alternative. Yes, nicotine. No, tar.

Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package Specifications

  • Main function: electronic pipe quit smoking aid
  • E-Pipe Components:
    - Stainless Steel Shell
    - Micro-computer Control Circuit
    - Atomization Chamber/ Cartridge
  • Atomized Cartridge: High Purity Liquid Nicotine
  • LED Light Tip to simulate glowing pipe bowl
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Dimensions: 155 (L) x 60 (H) mm

Package Included

  • Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (E-Pipe)
  • Mouthpiece x2
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries x2
  • Nicotine Cartridges x3
  • User Manual - English
  • AC Charger (100-240V 50/60hz)

Helpful Tips

  • Note: In certain countries this may be considered a medical product by Customs. Before purchasing this item, please check your local laws and import restrictions for this type of device.
  • No ignition and not a fire hazard
  • Safe - no dangerous second hand smoke

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I import these into my country?
    It is best to check with the customs department of your country for the correct answer. We may be able to offer alternate labeling on our shipments if it makes it more convenient for you to ship this product into your region.
  • Is the e-pipe safe to smoke around my children?
    This e-pipe produces barely any smoke. What smoke there is comes from heated nicotine vapors so it's definitely safer from a second hand perspective.
  • Will I look distinguished and handsome if I smoke one of these E-pipes?
    Definitely. It would also help if you spoke with a Scottish accent and changed your first name to Sean.
  • Aside from health, what is another advantage of smoking an electronic tobacco product?
    With a real cigarette, you take a couple of puffs and sometimes that's all you want. But throwing it away unfinished seems like a waste of money. With an electronic pipe or e-cigarette, you take a puff whenever you feel like it and then put the unit down. You actually smoke less with this product.

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