GSI Quality Sound-Blaster USB External Sound Card For Hi-Fi Surround Music Audio

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GSI Quality Sound-Blaster USB External Sound Card For Hi-Fi Surround Music Audio




  • +  New Sound Blaster Card Delivers Music With A Punch, Create Sound Way Beyond CD Quality
  • +  Restores The Audio Elements That Have Been Compressed Or Damaged During MP3 Compression
  • +  Hear It All - Crisp Cymbal Crashes, Wailing Guitar Solos And Deep Rumbling Bass
  • +  Connect Dolby Speakers To Center The Voices With Sound Surrounding You As In A Live Concert
  • +  Expands Music From Your Headphones Outwards, Feels Like Surrounded By Multiple Speakers
GSI Quality Sound-Blaster USB Description:
It works with both PC and Macs and is truly plug-and-play with software installation, so you can plug it in and start using it right out of the box. Besides it can connects to MP3 Players, Stereo Speakers And Headphones as well.
The GSI sound device makes music and movies sound better than studioquality with Hi-Fi technology. It restores details and vibrance yourmusic and movies lost during compression, making them richer and fuller,and expands stereo sound into virtual surround sound with headphones orstereo speakers. Plus,

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