Car Power Inverter-Instant 300W AC Power

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Car Power Inverter-Instant 300W AC Power




Car Power Inverter-Instant 300W AC Power

Car Power Inverter, transforming 12V Power from your car battery to 300W of 220V AC power for powering your electronic devices. If you are often traveling in your car, this product is a great idea. It will power any low draw devices with ease. Recharge your phone, power a mini DVD player or keep the power running to your MP4 movie player, or do anything else that you usually have to wait till you get home for.

Car Power Inverter - Instant 300W AC Power Specification

  • Product Description: Power Inverter for Vehicles
  • 300W DC/AC Inverter
  • Output Power: 100~300Watts
  • Output Rating: 220V AC
  • Efficiency: 85% typical
  • MAX Draw: 1 Amp
  • Protection: Short circuit protection, Over load protection
  • Insulation Resistor: 10M Ohm DC 500V
  • Power Source: Input Voltage DC12V
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 175mm x 80mm (L x W x D)

Package Included

  • Car Power Inverter-Instant 300W AC Power
  • Manual
  • Car Cigarette Power Adapter
  • Positive and Negative connections to 12V battery

Helpful Tips

  • Powered by car cigarette lighter or 12V battery
  • 2 electrical socket types

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