1.840GB Hitich HTC426040G5CE00 4200rpm CE Hard Drives

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1.8"40GB Hitich HTC426040G5CE00 4200rpm CE Hard Drives




1.8"40GB Hitich HTC426040G5CE00 4200rpm CE Hard Drives

* Capacity: 40GB
* Brand: Hitich
* Hitachi Model: HTC426040G5CE00
* Applicable models: Notebook
* Set body size: 1.8 inches
* Interface Type: CE
* Speed: 4200 rpm
* Cache: 2M
* Transfer specification: ATA133
* External transfer rate: 133 M / s
* Single platter capacity: 40G
* Condition: New
* New exotic: freshly baked
* HDD Type: Normal Hard

Hitachi 30G/HTC426030G5CE00

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